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Dirty From The Rain

This song is by Giant Sand and appears on the album Chore of Enchantment (2000).

Dirty from the rain
Dirty from the ever present.
Dirty from iridescent
And the rain.
Well I got some friends who say
"Better off to just go away
Then to stick around here and stay
And face the nation"
Dirty from investigation (irrigation).

There's a momentary sigh from a passerby.
Reminds me that I am lying clueless in the realm.
More like the stealth, maybe I got my health
And the rain.

Dirty from irrigation (aggravation).

Look up in the sky this night and something just wasn't right
But ain't that the norm?
Peculiar feeling inside like its filling up a whole other form
But ain't that the norm?

Maybe you should stick around and stay
How hard can it be to face the nation
Being all dirty from misrepresentation

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