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Astonished (In Memphis)

This song is by Giant Sand and appears on the album Chore of Enchantment (2000).

Out here on the sidewalk
At home in the rain
I count the staining gum spots.
If you connect those dots they spell your name
And I stand astonished.
Do we remain?

Way out here, even the odd matters,
Way out here in the rain.
Still at home here in these splatters
Even the rain spits out your name.
And I stand astonished.
And I remain.
You astonish me.

Out here on the sidewalk, out here in the rain
I count the staining blood drops from some poor unfortunate.
But if you connect those dots
Even they spell your name.
I stand astonished. I refrain.
I stand astonished. We remain.

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