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​Running from the Sun

This song is by Ghoultown and appears on the album Tales From The Dead West (2001).

She came without a kiss
Blood stains upon her wrists
So cold
She said take me home

Her dress fell to the floor
Come close my virgin whore
Take it slow
The darkness grows

I am the nameless
Eternal pain prince
I am the day's forgotten one

Running from the sun

Morning flame it burns in her
A price for love at every turn
She said
I think I'm dead

Now I take this dying bride
On eternal nightwing ride
She flies
Away from life

I am the darkest
Lover's secret
I am the snake's scarlet tongue

I am your prince of pain
Soon I will be your everything
Thrust you inside out
Steal the words from in your mouth
In darkness we are one
Hidden from the sun
Where we listen to them wail
As I take you away from your yellow hell
Running from the sun