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Man With No Name

This song is by Ghoultown and appears on the album Give 'Em More Rope (2002).

It was in alexandria that I took my first life
He had it out for me from the beginning
So I carried a knife
It was long and shiny like a silvery tooth
They say only dead men still tell the truth

Trade your pistol for a coffin
And crows will dig your grave
They say I shot a man for nothin'
And for you I'll do the same
'Cause I'm the man with no name

I was in dallas Texas when I bought my first gun
Around the time I left home and went on the run
They were hot on my heels by the time I turned twenty-five
I remember singin' 'back in black' when I broke through that line

Now I travel the western worlds when the desert sun is high
With a belly full of iron and a double-barrel full of fire and ice
The trail of my cigarette marks the places I've been
I'm a man without a home the whisper of the wind

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