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Draggin' Your Bones

This song is by Ghoultown and appears on the album Give 'Em More Rope (2002).

I sleep with one eye open
Don't let no witchcraft bring me down
I move with the wind
Keep my ear to the ground
Confess my sins
From hell I will turn
Pull my shades at night
And shield myself from the sun
Shield myself from the sun yeah

I can feel it comin'
Draggin your bones around

I swore through my whiskey
That I would never be so blind
Then you came for me
Draggin all your skulls behind
Like a vampire
You drank my blood
I know I'm doomed
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your eyes yeah

What haunted things lurk behind your eyes
You try to bleed me,
Drain me, suck me dry

I sleep with one eye open
Watch like a hound from hell
Dead to the world outside
This time I cannot fail
There ain't no rest for me
With you on the creep
Stay away
And let me rest in peace
Rest in peace yeah

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