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​Dirty Sanchez

This song is by Ghoultown and appears on the album Give 'Em More Rope (2002).

Better hide your women 'cause he's ridin' into town
His hair is dark and his skin is saddle brown
He takes to a lady like a tiger by the tail
He commands the badlands and he kicks the dusty trail

He packs a 45 it's long and lean and mean
He's got the spit of snuff streamin from his teeth
You bet your bottom dollar he's your backdoor man
They call him dirty sanchez if he knocks
Don't let him in

Dirty sanchez

One day in monterrey he met a butcher's wife
She loved chorizo all loaded with spice
Sanchez nodded once and he slipped into the back
Like good ol' lizzy borden gave her 40 fuckin' whacks

Baby baby it's your lucky day
He'll work you over like an artist works with clay

His father was a painter his mother was a whore
He had an eye for art but he's rotten to the core
Some say a twisted picasso, a don juan he ain't
But he always leaves his mark on his lover's face

Zorro used his sword for doing better deeds
He freed the poor people by carving out his z's
Not dirty sanchez