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Soon, They'll Scream

This song is by Ghoul and appears on the album We Came For The Dead!! (2002).

The entrance beckoned them within
A gaping graveyard irruption
They had no clue what horrors lied
Beyond the cobweb skein
Down slimy steps of living rock
They were enveloped by the dark
Their fates were sealed when they set foot in
Ghoul's domain

Four cloudy eyes stare
At them in the blackness
Following their every move
Cremator starts to drool
When he sees their meaty limbs
There's nothing like fresh food
Clumsily they navigate the catacombs
Knocking over an open bag lye
The big one trips on a skeleton
And Digestor rolls his eye

Our dwelling has been sullied
The stench may never go away
Two outsiders have drifted into Ghoul's world
And now they're going to pay
Soon they'll scream!

They walked right past the pit of spikes
The trap door didn't even budge
A tripwire leading to a bucket of acid
Was avoided by the duo, but not by us
Our guillotine trap must have rusted over time
The blade never cleaved them in twain
Fermenter flipped the switch
Just to see what went wrong
And lost three fingers, shrieking in pain

Creeping through the fungoid tunnels
We tried to head them off at the pass
But as soon as we came to our practice room
We got the overwhelming urge to Thrash

Drawn by the dulcet tones
In the doorway, the intruders appeared
The Moshing began
And went on through the night
Between slugging down jugs of blood beer
Thrashing and smashing, we rattled the tombs
An all out bone crushing Metal display
The Head banging team was impressed
And they told us
You make Metal the Razorback way

A contract signed in blood by Fermenter
Cremator was also duped, it seems
If I ever see that thieving pair of scumbags
Mark my words, I'm going to make them scream
Soon they'll scream!

Our trio goes about its work
Creating mayhem in the caves and above
Fiendish plans for revenge are concocted
Mutilation and terror undreamt of
Four eyes stare in the blackness
A Gore boar the focus of our bile
The next interloper in our lair
Will be ripped limb from limb with a hideous smile

Poison pen letters sent in weekly installments
Always coming back return to sender
No matter how crafty they are, we will get them
We will haunt them and stalk them forever

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