Ghoti Hook:South Capitol Street Lyrics

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South Capitol Street

This song is by Ghoti Hook and appears on the album Sumo Surprise (1996).

"if i understood back then what is so easy to see now
i could have stopped myself from falling far behind
the changes i want will only come if i can turn things down
so i search my heart where i know he lies but then i turn around

i should have walked away
i should have walked away
i should have walked away

(some "whoa"ing)

with each passing day i feel the way i did the day before
and the things that haunt me stay the same i wont let them go
i pray and ask for help but then walk down that cursed road
where one waits with what i crave and my lusting hunger grows


sometimes i must give up things that i want so bad
but it's these things in the end that i wished i'd never had