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Ooklah The Punk

This song is by Ghoti Hook and appears on the album Sumo Surprise (1996).

ooklah the punk was going to the show
ooklah the punk fought lou ferrigno
ooklah the punk was struggling for some lyrics
ooklah the punk says anything that fits
now you're lying in the gutter
hates his father and his mother
oh your skin is just like butter
ooklah the punk
ooklah the punk hates everywhere he goes
ooklah the punk says what do you know?
ooklah the punk says how do you do?
ooklah the punk says I am better than you
smoking drinking now he's thinking
feeling like he should be kneeling
sees damnation wants salvation
ooklah the punk
I want to be saved like you and I want to be your friend too
ooklah the punk went to a revival
ooklah the punk bought himself a new bible
ooklah the punk he reads it everyday
ooklah the punk says yippee kie yay
now we're at the end of the story
on a one way trip to glory
now everything is hunky dory...
ooklah the punk

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