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Mach 3

This song is by Ghoti Hook and appears on the album Two Years to Never (2000) and on the compilation Cheapskates: The Harder Side (2000).

Broken on the inside, laughin' on the outside
A smile that could break Your heart
Cryin' on the bedspread; blackin' out, I'm brain-dead
Wonderin' where You are

This is the way I feel
With my hand over my heart, I pledge I'm real
Bless me, Father, I am weak, I am not strong
And doesn't matter if I get my way

Talkin' heads confuse me
They spit out words tha knock me down
If I could be so disallusioned
Then maybe I would not care but...

So guard my soul
Surround my wrld
They took my esteem away!
And I want thyis in Your name!

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