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This song is by Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge and appears on the EP Darkest Shore (2009).

We will not falter by design.
Guidance opens doors, and paths for us to find.
Focus, needed, to part the waves and bring this home.
Our passions overshadow the sky of fire.

We will battle, through the storm,
In search of our reward.
Pushing forward in our ascent,
Evade the conflicts that lye ahead,
Our sprits will inspire those who never believed.

Follow the map we share upon our sleeves.
We share, we share.
Ambition leads us to, a higher plain where honors are received.

The choices we make, will be engaging.
Together we will prosper and flourish as one.

?The seeds have been sown, in the waste land we called our own.?

Climbing stairways, drown the sky.
Embrace the future, with hearts and minds.

We will battle, through the storm,
In search of our reward.
Our faith, will fight, us past, the unknown.
Towers, up high, is where, we will go.
Our sprits, will hold, will not slip away,
Who never, would ever, could ever believe

We will not, falter by design.
Pushing forward in our ascent.
As we prosper together, you'll see.
?Undaunted forever we'll be.?

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