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For I Never Left (Always Yours)

This song is by Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge and appears on the EP Darkest Shore (2009).

Wake, I am awake,
And yet the sleepers reside unheard.
Without a path to safety
To reach the outside.?

Pass judgement upon my soul
I've been dealt my cards, I will not fold
And with this match I will inspire
The sky to ignite.

With open arms we release you home.
You brought the light back to our eyes.

And We Were Born.
Regret, you have left me to burn.
Regret, but I trust you so

I'll hold your foundation?s,
Till we can stand on are own.
I'll hold your foundations,
Don't let go, don't let go.

Bless this city the arc has chosen you,
To lead the lost back to the light.

Oh lord saviour, condemn me, release me

You paved the way
For our Safe Passage
And in this passing
I Thank you.

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