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Dear Alisyia, We're On Hollow Ground

This song is by Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge and appears on the EP Darkest Shore (2009).

The structures have fallen
But she swear that she's safe
From the waters edge
Where she dug her own grave

"She will betray everyone she'll ever love"
Tell me how you sleep at night

The storm takes its toll
The winds wash us away
In to the unknown
Were in such disarray

Don't let us drown
Keep your friends close, but keep us closer
We are the shelter, now it's your chance to shine
But we know, your just a spiteful dead weight

And we'll sing from the shallows
As we swim for our lives
We wont beg for forgiveness
When we are the divine
So hail the coast guard
They wont save you tonight
When your destined to drown
And I'm destined to fly

Sleep well my dear, oh sleep well my dear
The nightmares that haunt you now all become clear
Now sit in the dark and think back to the start
When you cut yourself open but tore me apart

Alisyia, tell me those lies that you wrote in the stars

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