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This song is by Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge and appears on the EP Darkest Shore (2009).

?You heartless witch,
They'll have you burn for this.?

So I'll sink this ship, let it be my grave,
On the ocean floor, where I am safe.
Oh as the night draws in and we fade away,
You set yourself alight, but we went down in flames.
And now ill watch, as you decay,
'Cause when you found graves, we found grace.

You are my guiding light,
So free me from these changing tides.
And bring me in to the safest harbor,
Oh embrace me, embrace this.

?Will you believe in me??

When the anchor carries me down.
Now to the ocean I am bound.

You are the siren of the seven forsaken seas.

My wound have healed,
After all this time,
I just want you to know,
I'd rip out your spine, if you had one.

Embrace us...

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