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It's Over

This song is by Ghostface Killah and appears on the album The Pretty Toney Album (2004) and on the compilation album GhostDeini The Great (2008).

Back in '95 when I was juggling bitches
Pumping coke out the spot smacking fiends in the kitchen
All around dick sucks whenever
Blowing chronic out of Phillies, getting flusty in the Cube' Link era
Niggas telling me my spot is hot
They like, "I think anyday now, playboy, shit gon' pop‿
Back then I was the fat Ghost, it came March 1st
My ace {Bakool?} got merked I burned for all our work
After the funeral I played low
Counting my last ten Gs, three weeks later yo I'm back in the {P's?}
Gathering up information, checking faces
Keeping the 45 auto loaded like it was bases
When it get dark better believe my mark
I heard a voice through a bullhorn the white man he said, "yo Starks
You're surrounded, put down your gun look at the ruger
It's nothing but cops nigga, you better not run

Over... And I'm not laughing
(The masquerade... the masquerade)
My, my my, good days is over

11.40am in the Best Western
I'm with my bat blue her ass back and chest in
Slob my knob yeah no question
This my main bat, she thorough like that so we don't use protection
But the night before my wiz must of checked my phone
How'd she got the code? Psh, I don't know
Next thing she laying in the tel' lobby
She spotted me tipping the doorman, holding hands with my bitch beside me
My heart dropped, everything stopped, scared to death
Told my broad to keep it moving 'cause I just got knocked
Don't turn around, as soon as she did she bust a shot
Plus she tough security dropped when she touched the glock
I had the dumb face on, long face on
Didn't say shit, not even cough or spit, my bitch was gone
There goes the car, house, {?} jury, court date, judges
My shorty tried to screw me

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