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Heart Street Directions (Skit)

This song is by Ghostface Killah and appears on the album Fishscale (2006).

Bitch: "Excuse me, urm, could you tell me how to get to Heart Street?"
Tony Starks: "Hmm, Heart Street. All right you go down 3 lights, right. You get on Bush Highway. You go past Vagina Street. You gon' get off at Dick, you gon' make a left on Dick, right. You gon' run right into Walls. The next block is Clit Boulevard, but you gotta be careful, it's kinda wet down there. You gon' past Guts now, that shit takes you to Tits Project. My man Balls will be out, be around there somewhere, you nah mean. Urrm, The Heart is around there somewhere, so. Or you could go 45 minutes, you could take Butt Avenue to, to Hershey Highway, you nah mean, up spine'in, and, and, and you be at, you be at, y-you be at the mouth, you be at, you be at the mouth of the, the mouth of the tunnel right there. You nah mean?"
Bitch: "Fockin' pervert."