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This song is by Ghost Of The Robot and appears on the album Mad Brilliant (2003).

I don't think you know my name
I think you'd leave me standing in the rain,
You're a pretty little girl, got a thing for me,
But you cut me open and let me bleed

But I'll be looking at you
With your long brown hair
Pretty little face
Sparkling everywhere
Looks so good
When you come my way
But I have to look down
When you talk to me
'Cause you're dangerous
You're dangerous, dangerous
And you don't even know it

One baby, two, maybe three more years
You'll be a full grown baby, havin' all your curves
And here's a little taste of irony,
You'll be a town hot lady, too good for me

So little girl you'd better stay set
You play with fire when you get too wet
So set me down and leave me be
You find a devil and you unchain me.

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