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This song is by Ghost Of The Robot and appears on the album Mad Brilliant (2003).

She comes home to me after a hard night's work,
Falls in my arms and sleeps like a bird,
Startle, wakes up like she don't know me,
Cocks back her fist like she's going to slug me,
Who are you anyway?
And what are you doing to me?

Chorus : She's an Angel,
She can't see it
She's got wings,
She can't feel 'em
She's an Angel
She can't see it
But she's flying above me every day
Every day of my life.

Bright diamond eyes with daggers beneath them,
She carries the chains of a million decisions,
They weren't even hers to begin with anyway,
But she carries them all
All the people around her
You never even notice that she's very very tired.


lalalala x7

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