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This song is by GhostXShip and appears on the album Cold Truth (2011).

This is the anthem for the infected, the unaware, the misdirected. Set in their ways - they won't detect the demise and decay of their self-respect. I have to draw the line and I won't comply with this blind mentality for the rest of my life. Standing on my own two feet. Wading through lies and deceit that mute this zombie nation with steadfast determination. Now everyone has some form of sickness, we have to find the strength to lift it. We wont back down, and we won't be restricted. It doesn't have to be a drink, It doesn't have to be a drug, but it has the same effect and they can't get enough. And we will stand as one, even when the times are rough. We wont be bought, we won't be sold, we've had enough. I've had enough of their ridicule, when the media conceals the truth. Failed system. Wealth decreases, expecting us to pick up the pieces. Consistently they continue to mock us through their cleverly packaged products, exploiting everyone while they refill their wallets. Standing as one, we're in control. I won't be bought. I won't be sold. We wont be bought and we won't be sold. Standing as one, and in control. We wont be bought and we won't be sold. Our message is sealed, and we will not fold. Our message is sealed, and we will not fold. We've had enough.

"Addiction has many forms, and those forms of addiction are not always involved with just drugs and alcohol. This song is about any form of addiction that will cause someone to lose track of themselves and those people around them in a negative manner. This could be in a form of gambling, prostitution, binge eating, watching a large amount of TV, or even playing a large amount of video games. A lot of media will tell us to buy things we don't necessarily need, and we'll buy them anyways to 'fit in' with the rest, further advancing the rich and keeping consumers 'in line' with the rest...

Sometimes widely held views can cloud your judgment and your ability to think logically, especially if they are accepted as a positive influence. and not to entirely bash on religion, but sometimes in my opinion religions can be used as the "sole ultimate creator" against those scientific theories that are too complex for our minds to wrap around. Religious views aside, sending your money off to a church to send starving people bibles will not change the fact that the famished will be filled with disease and dying in mammoth proportions. Send your money to starving people for food, medicine, and education instead...

In essence, this song is about rebelling against anything that can cause you to stop thinking critically, or something that is encouraging you to not think for yourself. If something doesn't seem right to you, you should question it. Find out for yourself. If you think outside of the parameters of what infused characteristics and lines of thinking that may be instilled upon you, you may find happiness. If we focus our efforts, together we can become a support structure and decide the type of people we want to be. Together, we can choose to say no to the way our government, our society, the media, the economy, and the current trends in pop culture tell us to be or act. Together we will stand our ground. We will not be bribed. We've had enough..."