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This 's For You

This song is by Geto Boys and appears on the album Till Death Do Us Part (1993).

Big Mike:

This goes out to you H-O-Es
Swangin on the nuts of us motherfuckin Gs
You ain't never seen a nigga like me baby
Big Mike aka Big D D
Big dick daddy
Droppin' you hoes in a sec
Bustin' nut after nut on your motherfuckin back
If your nigga wants to make love to you, cool let a nigga know
Cause a nigga like myself just wana fuck you hoe
And if you don't want him to know I won't snitch
You can be his girl but you know you'll always be my bitch
My freak my hoe my tramp my moneymaker
Keep yo bitch right or a nigga like myself will take a smooth
Off the S-L-A-B
And why you trippin' you know your bitch will be rollin' with me
So to ladies and everyone throughout your crew
Give a smile in the mean watch out
This dick is for you

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