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Murder After Midnight

This song is by Geto Boys and appears on the album Till Death Do Us Part (1993).

Big Mike]
Niggaz busting caps on a Sunday
I'm riding through the park with my white six bloody
Thinking to myself/What the fuck is this?
I grab my motherfuckin shit/Load the clip and then I get
The extra hallow points out the box in the backseat
I can't believe these motherfuckers tried to X me
Once again I'm in the middle of some fuck shit
I busted a window
A dead nigger they left me stuck with
I grabbed my cellular phone and called my nigger Face
Had to beep him - 911 he wasn't in his place
The phone rang I picked it up I heard what's up Black?
"Some hoe ass niggaz bust a cap and shot my nigga Matt
They killed my nigga now them hoes are after me
Just dump the body and meet me over at the draft "G"
7 o'clock I dumped the body now I'm changing cars
Getting up with Face it's time to take them hoes to war
Called up Billy to meet us on the south west
Bring a bag of buddha sinse and an xtra vest
And a fifth of E&J to get this shit right
Cause there's about to be a murder after midnight

Say What???...

3 or 4 minutes to twelve o'clock, rolling in an undercover hunting 4 an
(?) Adrock
Let's hit the spot and find them hoes that tried to cap ya
Were they Killers yeah, or were they tried to jack ya?
It's hard to tell we lost our boy behind this punk shit
And when we catch him we're gonna chuck him in the trunk (?) Swick
I give's a fuck about the sorry motherfucker
He crossed the family daddy's now I'm a make the nigga suffer
I'm rolling hard got my daddy's Smith and Wesson
6 shots nigga played the 357
So keep your eyes peeled Nigga we got to find them
We got some barrels protecting us
But keep a low pro 'cause they'll be expecting us
We spotted a "Z" off at Quarter Lane I'm killing the bitch
I don't know the man
Creeped up slow dropped the back window - yeah now what's up hoe?
Let off a couple of shots but he had posse
The nigga came out the door and like just shot me
It didn't hit me 'cause I duck down
We jumped our ass out the car and turned that bitch into (?) Book Town
I bring my gats to a fist fight and bust a cap in the bitch and it ain't
Be at midnight.

(Bushwick Bill)
Eleven forty five I pull up on the set
With some down ass niggaz and a van full of gats
Jumped out fired up my philly had to bust some shots
Had to let them know Bushwick Bill is on the fucking block
Niggaz start hauling as I heard Big MiKe calling
Jumped in the van slammed the door and started hauling
Ass around the corner catch the nigga who would ran
Oki jumped out and went to bust him once again- UH
Making niggaz take cover fast 'cause we was putting something on they
Motherfuckin ass
Yeah, nine millimeter shells, twelve gauge pumps and shit
So nigga don't bother running for your trunk and shit
1-2-3-4 shots from the infra-red left 1-2-3-4 motherfuckers dead
And no witnesses in sight - All Bido said is that it happened after

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