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Leanin' on You

This song is by Geto Boys and appears on the album The Foundation (2005).

If you move I'll fall I'm leaning on you you
Made me you made me

We was living on cold facts cops sat in old lacs
Couldn't get along with t. jones so he rolled
Jack I was on prozac before I was twelve spent
My senior year in high school sitting in jail
To no avail I was screaming out and nobody
Heard messed around and got shot but it didn't
Deter me think I was 14 so my boy was one tray
Cut my hair one day left my crib and got sprayed
And expired right away nothin' to say said chapter
Around here either we get killed or we get captured
Sister girl I ain't know what you was dealing with
Pointed my finger and you and I'm feeling like an
Idiot but I'm wiser now and I seen the world it's
Messed up how they treat us ghetto boys and girls
The doctor tried to recessitate but it was too late
I got a daughter named kain and a son named blank
And they be askin 'bout you all the time I try to
Be a better man sometimes I fall behind so if you
Feel some extra weight on you don't be alarmed don't
Move don't flee that's me leaning on you

If you move I'll fall I'm leaning on you you made me
You made me

Y'all wonder why I act crazy life don't phase me for me
To still be above ground it's just amazing wasn't aware
Being different gave me intangible wealth that's why i
Took a gun and tried to kill myself my folks got the
Blame of course I used to ask why did god make my
Brother so tall and me a dwarf this ain't no poor
Little me song that's so phony I got a good life I'm
Just sharin my testimony but could you imagine being me
For 1 hour 1 day 1 week 1 month 1 year get out of here
You'd never make it life's not fair where ever you go
People point people laugh people stare they don't care
So I don't care most of the day I feel awkward but believe
I'm going to hell if I don't pray as I lay on that hospital
Gurney fightin for my life I felt the demons touch my body
And I saw the light that was you I know it was you cause
All the love in the world from my family couldn't pull me
Through lord when it gets really rough you're the only one
That's strong enough to hold me up

If you move I'll fall I'm leaning on you you made me you made me

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