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Crooked Officer

This song is by Geto Boys and appears on the album Till Death Do Us Part (1993).


I'm sick of you hoes tryin' to run mine
I'm comin' with a good line
Runnin' after one time
I got a grudge against you blue suits
Black suits, white suits and state troops
That's the way you made us
Sent a brother to the penenitentiary is how you play us
Lock us up for the summer
Took the brother's name away and passed us as a number
Just because you legally pack a gack man
Doesn't necessarily mean you have to point it at the black man
Especially you black cops
You let your gacks pop
Because them honkies got you brainwashed
Now we come to new dealings
Fuck all the dumb shit, the line of work is cap peeling
I'm cuttin' shit short
Ain't no fillin out reports
Cause you ain't makin' it to court
I'm lettin freedom ring
From the hole in my glock, for fuckin' off Rodney King
It ain't shit that you can ask us
And since justice is blind, I'm gone buy the bitch some glasses
Wake the fuck up chumps
I'm comin' after your ass
Crooked officer

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