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Another Nigger In The Morgue

This song is by Geto Boys and appears on the album We Can't Be Stopped (1991).

Let me get when I rock the... the... the...
This shit ain't got no fuckin' drums in it man
Damn, why don't you put some fuckin' drums in the music
So I can

Get down to businees
I think it's time I paid a little visit
To my run down neighbourhood cemetery
To tally up the people I buried
57, 58, 59, All layin' down in the same line
You sorry motherfuckers couldn't handle me
I done fucked up 17 families
So bring it on if you wanna play
Huh, make my motherfuckin' day
'Cause you'll be one dead motherfucker black
I'ma put you ass on you back
I won't play no games wit cha boy
You'll just be one more nigger in the morgue

Yeah I like that man
That shit sounds kinda funky don't it
Hahahaha, yo let me finish this freestyle tho man
Hold 'em down, hold 'em up, yo

It's gonna be a killin' after midnight
Niggas gettin' ready for a big fight
You could say this one's a murder by a lunatic
Hear me livin' on your ass bitch
Loadin' up my weapons gettin' ready for
Another street sweepin' neighbourhood drug war
Police come around in a meat wagon
Knowin' that tonight they'll be draggin'
Off motherfuckers to a six foot ditch
I hope ya insurance paid up bitch
'Cause tonight is the night motherfucker
Be a good killer or a damn good fucker
'Cause if you ain't, your ass is fallin' to the paint
Bloodshed seems to make a nigga faint
Not me with a .9 in my hand
I could fall asleep lyin' next to a dead man
Ya gotta understand me
It's been a vet sorry motherfucka layin' out dead see
So if you wanna come, come hard
Or you'll just be another nigga in the morgue

Yeah, you motherfuckas
Motherfuckas goin' for bad and shit
You know what I'm sayin'
But you'll be another niger in the morgue motherfucker
Oh yo, check this out

But gettin' back to the bloodbath
You motherfuckas out there go for bad
That shit played out my brother
I ride by and gun done motherfuckers
Whether friend or foe bro
Steppin' on my toes, your ass has gotta go
Now here's how the shit took place (How'd it go?)
A nigga waved a tre eight in my face (Damn)
Screamin' that shit about the Squab Mob
Talkin' big shit about the South Park
Said he's gonna stop me
Pissed off 'cause I'm down with the 5th Ward posse (Um-hmm)
Shit didn't make me numb
I ain't scared of no goddamn gun (My nigga)
Once I saw 'em break I stuck 'em (What about his 3 guards?)
Fuck 'em!
I'll put him on his ass 'cause he's bigger
Then worry about the other 3 niggas
All of them ran to get backup
That's 12 more bodies I'ma stack up
Open up the trunk in a rage
And loaded up my goddamn 12 gauge
If the punk don't keep ya
I'll be forced to hit ya wit the street sweeper
Ya ass shouldn't a started no static g
12 gun shots automatically
I ain't goin' out like no sucka
I'm goin' out like a crazy motherfucka
Everybody knows that I ain't got it all
And I don't give a fuck about none a y'all
Hit 3 or 4 in the head
That's 3 or 4 niggers left for dead
It doesn't pay to check cards
'Cause I'm sendin' motherfuckas to the morgue...

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