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It's Love

This song is by Get Well Soon and appears on the album Love (2016).

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Three years of sunshine, no winters or a call
But you know I'm not showing, I get to all
The usual growing pains though
My first "I love you" made her cry
I still don't know if those were tears of joy

She said she'd keep these knickers
That blood's a souvenir of love
And that whirlwind summer, on and on

It's love
And I can't get rid of it

Chin up proud daughter, now make daddy proud
Because the road we've paved then, I'm still on
It only leads away from the flowers and the dress
But it ends just where it started, a precious mess

It's love
And I can't make sense of it

You've got me climbing up the walls
Keep, keep kicking me in the balls
You got me thinking I was funny
Keep feeding me blood and honey

It's love (Love)
It's love
And I won't get rid of it (Love)
But I cannot believe any more (Love)
Because I cannot unriddle it (Love)
And I cannot unmask it (Love)
So I can't shut up about it (Love)
'Cause I cannot put my head around it (Love)
And I lose my very last hair over it (Love)
And I waste my very last breath on it (Love)
And I will shed my whole skin to find it (Love)
I'm a goddamn fool to rely on it (Love)
But I feed on it (Love), no I can't let him feast on it
And I'd rather die than let you live without it

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