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Ordinary World

This song is by Get Set Go and appears on the album Ordinary World (2006).

Ordinary World; Ordinary World ('06); Trk 04

Peter lost another job today; he showed up drunk, and forty minutes late; it was his last mistake. Peter drank all through the day; another drink to numb away the pain; but the day remained.

(Chorus: Hey, hey, hey. Another ordinary day. Hey, hey, hey; another ordinary day; in an ordinary world; with, ordinary boys fucking ordinary girls; in an ordinary time; so ordinary, that, we are losin' our minds; so what'cha gonna do? The choice is up to you).

Mary got knocked up again; she got drunk and slept with her best friend; ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh; Mary didn't know what to say; because she knew, that her best friend was gay; she fucked him anyway.

Peter climbed into his car; filled up the tank, and fled to foreign parts; with a broken heart. Mary is a single mom; she loves her son, but laments the life she lost; she bears a heavy cross.

(Instrumental to fade).

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