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Midsummer Night's Dream

This song is by Get Over It.

PUCK: Did u ever read a Shakespeare play
ALL: ooh ooh
PUCK : and never understand a word they say
ALL : ahh ahh
PUCK : well tonight we're gonna Make things
Clear, coz Shakespeare's dead.......
ALL : but we're up here! (*Screams!*)

ALL : William Shakespeare wrote a Play,
a long long time ago,
About this Chick named Hermia
and these two guys who loved her so (whoa-oh)
& LYSANDER : They said Hermia Please be my girl
HERMIA : but she only wanted one
ALL: and the night the fairys came to play,
thats the night we have our fun (ahh ahh ahh)

HELENA: coz i love him
DEMETRIUS : and i love her
PUCK : if only her best friend he'd prefere
ALL : and so the Fairys all had to sing
"Boom shaka-laka-laka",
Midsummer nights dream,
Midsummer nights dream,
Midsummer nights dre-e-eam!

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