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Your Smile

This song is by Gerald Levert and appears on the album The G Spot (2002).

Sometimes my ego get's in the way I don't say I love you when I should say it
Ain't your fault I had a bad day for your happiness is why I pray now I lay me
Down to sleep I hope that you are proud of me if I should die before I wake
Remember all these words I say

Your smile your face is all that it take's is all that it take's to humble me

When I look into your eyes I think that I'm a lucky guy to know someone like
You will always be a part of my knowing that I taught you well and picked you
When you fell and no one else can tell you that for you I won't be knowing
The future times the heart of a shore end and that is why it makes me respect
You more and I sang and I sang now I lay me down to sleep I hope that you
Fulfill my dreams and if I should die before I wake remember all these words I

I love you I love you for ever for ever will always will always be together be
Together sang sang sang sang well well well well

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