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Made To Love Ya (L-O-V-E Remix)

This song is by Gerald Levert and appears on the album Gerald's World (2001).

I was made
(well, well, well, well, well)
To L and O and V-E you

Verse 1
From the first grade
I was diggin' you
You was my girl, up to high school
But you didn't know till that dude said hi
and you jumped in his ride
Babygirl, that really hurt
left me standing there, kicking dirt

I was shoulder you leaned on, when you felt safe
I came to your rescue and you still were taking that
Girl I was down for, I even got clowned for you
Today's gonna be my day
Your gonna see....

I was made ( I was made)
I was made
To L and O and V-E you
These lips to kiss you
These eyes to see you
These arms to hold you
These hands to feel you
To L-O-V-E you

Verse 2
I'm a little older now
and a little bolder now
Ain't afriad to show you how
It's gonna be going down
Girl I'm your soulmate
I was there when you were late
Went at the doctor, played the daddy
And I waited, and I waited for someone else's child
(for somebody else's baby)
Cuz I loved you (cuz I loved you)
Baby I'm sick about you
I just can't live without you
I wish that you could see, you oughta be with me


He can't really love you like I do
(Don't be hatin playa, just because you through)
Girl, he want his cake and eat it too (No I don't)
He ain't sharing none with you
(Wait a minute, you don't know me dude)
On the other hand, I got my tux and ring
(Seems like you are tryin' to challenge me) yes i am
She ain't saying I do
(We can step outside, fool)
What you wanna do
(Hurt you!!)
Girl I was made to love Yooooooou.

Oh mama made me, daddy made me
Just so you could be my lady
To L and O and V-E you
(I was made to love you baby)
These lips to kiss you
These eyes to see you
These arms to hold you
These hands to feel you
To L-O-V-E you


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