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A Chance With You

This song is by Ger.

But it's true
Whatever I do, I mustn't give myself away

I just can't wait forever
I knew that you were mine, when I saw you
Though there's no way of me knowing you deeper
You don't even know I exist

I never want to make things harder
No, I never wanted anyone more
But what does it take to get you just to love me
You don't even know me at all


But it's true
Whatever I do, I mustn't give myself away
Even though, I know I could lose a chance with you

All I know
That you understand the things that, I just couldn't say
And forever now, I feel you know me too

Been wanting to know you better
But my words don't even come out right
Now my head just keeps on spinning around me
Can you fill the void inside

(Chorus x3)

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