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​Night Rider

This song is by George Thorogood & The Destroyers and appears on the album Rockin' My Life Away (1997).

Night Rider
You're ridin' along
The highway is your code
You only ride
When the sun goes down
The road you ride
Leads you right out of town
Night rider
Night rider

You're never seen
In the bright of day
The moon and stars
Light your way
You're all alone
On a concrete sea
You only ride
Night rider
Night rider

Shadows fall
And you're on your way
Got to go
No time to stay
The sun goes down
And night creatures howl
And then you start
On your evening prowl
Night rider
Night rider

The world sleeps
And night rider creeps
The world works
And night rider lurks
The road you ride
It never ends
The night is waiting
Like a loyal friend
Night rider
Night rider

Written by:

George Thorogood