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Getting Married Tonight

This song is by George Thomas.

Yar it moves / yar it grooves / spinning in space / spinning in space (The Earth)

Get up we're getting married tonight / Get up we're goanna do it tonight

Tonight / Getting married tonight.-

(Musical Interlude)

Get up / we'll get a ticket to ride / Get up we'll cross the border tonight

Tonight / Getting married tonight

Close to you / so close to you... oh baby close to you...

Getting married to night

Get Up / Get Up / Get Up

Getting married tonight

Just in time / I found you just in time_ and Now I know / I love You so...

Get up we'll take a flight tonight / Get up we'll rock it just right tonight

Getting married tonight

Yar it moves Yar it groves spinning in space / Rocking in space

Get Up /Get Up/ Get Up

We're Getting married tonight

Getting married tonight...

Getting married tonight...

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