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Without You Here

This song is by George Strait and appears on the album Ocean Front Property (1987).

Her ship set sail from the docks of Miami
For a two week Caribbean cruise
Our first time apart in ten years of marriage
She said I'm already missin' you
She called me from Nassau, ships first port a call
Said the ocean ain't all that's blue
The brochure I read was right
This island is paradise but not without you

She said without you here
There's just no fun in the sun to be had without you here
It's no place to be
This dream vacation is a bad situation, I'm in misery
In a sea of tears, without you here

I said darlin' I'm sorry, I should of gone with you
Had a feelin' you'd be feelin' this way
But I'm just as lonely, your not the only one
Wishin' I was there today
As I hung up the phone I pictured her there alone
Standin' at the dock of the bay
O' it's more than I can stand
There's gonna be a change of plans Honey, I'm on my way

(Chorus x2)

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