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In Too Deep

This song is by George Strait and appears on the album Something Special (1985) and on the box set Strait Out of the Box (1995).

Ain't love a strain, ain't it a pain in your heart
I ain't worth the trouble anyhow
I'd like to give it up, I've had enough and I've done my part
But I'm in too deep to pull out now

Good things we've had are going bad and I don't know why
I'd turn it around if I knew how
I'm pushing aside all my pride and it's worth a try
'Cause I'm in too deep to pull out now

We need to get our love back on its feet again
We've come too far to let it come to an end

What can I do, I'm into you up over my heart
I've tried all that I know how
Doing all I can and I can't stand to see us fall apart
And I'm in too deep to pull out now

I can't step aside and let you slide right out of my life
It would cause more hurt than the law allows
I'll get us back on the track and it'll be allright
'Cause I'm in too deep to pull out now
'Cause I'm in too deep to pull out now

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