George Jones:There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight Lyrics

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There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

This song is by George Jones and appears on the album George Jones Salutes Hank Williams (1960).

(Writer: Hank Williams, Sr.)

I'll pretend I'm free from sorrow,
Make believe that wrong is right;
Your wedding day will be tomorrow,
But there'll be no teardrops tonight.

Why, oh why should you desert me,
Are you doin' this for spite;
If you only want to hurt me,
Then there'll be no teardrops tonight.

--- Instrumental ---

I'll believe that you still love me,
When you wear your veil of white;
But you think that you're above me,
And there'll be no teardrops tonight.

Shame, oh shame for what you're doin',
Other arms will hold you tight;
You don't care whose life you ruin,
So, there'll be no teardrops tonight...