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Color Of The Blues

This song is by George Jones and appears on the album Starday Presents (1965).

This song has been covered by…
Up above me are the sky
Like the twinkle in your eyes
These things are the color of a blue.

In the mail your letter came
Sayin' you can take the looks the same?
Blue must be the color of the blues.

Bluebirds sitting in the tree
Seems to sypathize with me
For he's not singin' like he used to do.

The pretty waters in the sink
Feel as cold as you left me
Yes, blue must be the color of the blues.

There's a rainbow overhead
With more blue than gold and red
Blue must be the color angels chose.

A blue dress you proudly wore
When you left to return no more
Blue must be the color of the blues.

Blue days come and blue days go
How I feel nobody knows
Life is mighty empty without you.

There's a blue note in each song
That I sing since you're gone
Yes blue must be the color of the blues...

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