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Count On You

This song is by George Huff and appears on the album Miracles (2005).

Life ain't easy and the game ain't always fair
But you told me that you'd always be right there
Never leave me and you did just what you said
I have come to believe that on you I can depend

Took the time to hold my hand
Took the time to understand just what I needed you to do
I know I can count on you
I'll be grateful to the end for such a true and faithful friend
Through the hardest times you proved that
I can count on you

On you on you

With you I never felt you always came through
Just the way that I expect You're worthy of all my
Trust and confidence That is why I believe
That on you I know I can depend

I know I can lean (on you) share the burden I feel
(On you) There ain't nothing I can't get through with you
It's so amazing to see the way that you stand by me

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