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The New Boss Guitar Of George Benson (1964)Edit

George Benson - The New Boss Guitar Of George Benson
The New Boss Guitar Of George Benson
  1. Shadow Dancers
  2. The Sweet Alice Blues
  3. I Don't Know
  4. Just Another Sunday
  5. Will You Still Be Mine
  6. Easy Living
  7. Rock-A-Bye
  8. My Three Sons (Bonus track)

It's Uptown (1966)Edit

George Benson - It's Uptown
It's Uptown
  1. Clockwise
  2. Summertime
  3. Ain't That Peculiar
  4. Jaguar
  5. Willow Weep For Me
  6. A Foggy Day
  7. Hello Birdie
  8. Bullfight
  9. Stormy Weather
  10. Eternally
  11. Myna Bird Blues
2007 remaster bonus tracks
  1. J.H. Bossa Nova
  2. Eternally
  3. Sideman
  4. Minor Chant

The George Benson Cookbook (1966)Edit

George Benson - The George Benson Cookbook
The George Benson Cookbook
  1. The Cooker
  2. Benny's Back
  3. Bossa Rocka
  4. All of Me
  5. Big Fat Lady
  6. Benson's Rider
  7. Ready and Able
  8. The Borgia Stick
  9. Return of the Prodigal Son
  10. Jumpin' with Symphony Sid
2007 remaster bonus tracks
  1. The Man From Toledo
  2. Slow Scene
  3. Let Them Talk
  4. Goodnight

Giblet Gravy (1968)Edit

George Benson - Giblet Gravy
Giblet Gravy
  1. Along Comes Mary
  2. Sunny
  3. What's New?
  4. Giblet Gravy
  5. Walk On By
  6. Thunder Walk
  7. Sack O' Woe
  8. Groovin'
  9. Low Down And Dirty
  10. Billie's Bounce

Goodies (1968)Edit

George Benson - Goodies
  1. I Remember Wes
  2. Carnival Joys
  3. You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
  4. That Lucky Old Sun
  5. Julie
  6. Windmills Of Your Mind
  7. Doobie, Doobie Blues
  8. Song For My Father
  9. People Get Ready

Shape Of Things To Come (1969)Edit

George Benson - Shape Of Things To Come
Shape Of Things To Come
  1. Footin' It
  2. Face It Boy, It's Over
  3. Shape of Things to Come
  4. Chattanooga Choo Choo
  5. Don't Let Me Lose This Dream
  6. Shape of Things That Are and Were
  7. Last Train to Clarksville

Tell It Like It Is (1969)Edit

George Benson - Tell It Like It Is
Tell It Like It Is
  1. Soul Limbo
  2. Are You Happy
  3. Tell It Like It Is
  4. Land of 1000 Dances
  5. Jackie, All
  6. Don't Cha Hear Me Callin' to Ya
  7. Water Brother
  8. My Woman's Good to Me
  9. Jama Joe
  10. My Cherie Amour
  11. Out in the Cold Again

The Other Side Of Abbey Road (1970)Edit

George Benson - The Other Side Of Abbey Road
The Other Side Of Abbey Road
  1. Golden Slumbers / You Never Give Me Your Money
  2. Because / Come Together
  3. Oh! Darling
  4. Here Comes The Sun / I Want You (She's So Heavy)
  5. Something / Octopus's Garden / The End

Beyond The Blue Horizon (1971)Edit

George Benson - Beyond The Blue Horizon
Beyond The Blue Horizon
  1. So What
  2. The Gentle Rain
  3. All Clear
  4. Ode to a Kudu
  5. Somewhere in the East

White Rabbit (1972)Edit

George Benson - White Rabbit
White Rabbit
  1. White Rabbit
  2. Theme from Summer of '42
  3. Little Train
  4. California Dreaming
  5. El Mar

Body Talk (1973)Edit

George Benson - Body Talk
Body Talk
  1. Dance
  2. When Love Has Grown
  3. Plum
  4. Body Talk
  5. Top of the World

Bad Benson (1974)Edit

George Benson - Bad Benson
Bad Benson
  1. Take Five
  2. Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams
  3. My Latin Brother
  4. No Sooner Said Than Done
  5. Full Compass
  6. The Changing World
CD reissue bonus tracks
  1. Take the 'A' Train
  2. Serbian Blue
  3. From Now On

Good King Bad (1976)Edit

George Benson - Good King Bad
Good King Bad
  1. Theme from Good King Bad
  2. One Rock Don't Make No Boulder
  3. Em
  4. Cast Your Fate to the Wind
  5. Siberian Workout
  6. Shell of a Man
  7. Hold On! I'm Comin' (CD reissue bonus track)

Benson & Farrell (1976)Edit

George Benson - Benson & Farrell
Benson & Farrell
  1. Flute Song
  2. Beyond the Ozone
  3. Camel Hump
  4. Rolling Home
  5. Old Devil Moon

Breezin' (1976)Edit

George Benson - Breezin'
  1. Breezin'
  2. This Masquerade
  3. Six To Four
  4. Affirmation
  5. So This Is Love?
  6. Lady

In Flight (1977)Edit

George Benson - In Flight
In Flight
  1. Nature Boy
  2. The Wind And I
  3. The World Is A Ghetto
  4. Gonna Love You More
  5. Valdez In The Country
  6. Everything Must Change

Weekend In L.A. (1978)Edit

George Benson - Weekend In L.A.
Weekend In L.A.
  1. Weekend in L.A.
  2. On Broadway
  3. Down Here on the Ground
  4. California P. M.
  5. The Greatest Love of All
  6. It's All in the Game
  7. Windsong
  8. Ode to a Kudu
  9. Lady Blue
  10. We All Remember Wes
  11. We As Love

Livin' Inside Your Love (1979)Edit

George Benson - Livin' Inside Your Love
Livin' Inside Your Love
  1. Livin' Inside Your Love
  2. Hey Girl
  3. Nassau Day
  4. Soulful Strut
  5. Prelude To Fall
  6. A Change Is Gonna Come
  7. Love Ballad
  8. You're Never Too Far From Me
  9. Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
  10. Welcome To My World
  11. Before You Go
  12. Unchained Melody

Give Me The Night (1980)Edit

George Benson - Give Me the Night
Give Me the Night
  1. Love X Love
  2. Off Broadway
  3. Moody's Mood
  4. Give Me The Night
  5. What's On Your Mind
  6. Dinorah, Dinorah
  7. Love Dance
  8. Star Of A Story (X)
  9. Midnight Love Affair
  10. Turn Out The Lamplight

The George Benson Collection (1981)Edit

George Benson - The George Benson Collection
The George Benson Collection
  1. Turn Your Love Around
  2. Love All The Hurt Away (duet with Aretha Franklin)
  3. Give Me The Night
  4. Cast Your Fate To The Wind
  5. Never Give Up On A Good Thing
  6. On Broadway
  7. White Rabbit
  8. This Masquerade
  9. Love Ballad
  10. Nature Boy
  11. Last Train To Clarksville
  12. Livin' Inside Your Love
  13. Here Comes The Sun
  14. Breezin'
  15. Moody's Mood
  16. We Got The Love (duet with Chaka Khan)
  17. The Greatest Love Of All

In Your Eyes (1983)Edit

George Benson - In Your Eyes
In Your Eyes
  1. Feel Like Making Love
  2. Inside Love (So Personal)
  3. Lady Love Me (One More Time)
  4. Love Will Come Again
  5. In Your Eyes
  6. Never Too Far To Fall
  7. Being With You
  8. Use Me
  9. Late At Night
  10. In Search Of A Dream

I Got A Woman And Some Blues (1984)Edit

George Benson - I Got A Woman And Some Blues
I Got A Woman And Some Blues
  1. I Got a Woman
  2. Out of the Blue
  3. Bluesadelic
  4. Durham's Turn
  5. Good Morning Blues
  6. I Worry 'Bout You
  7. Without Her
  8. She Went a Little Bit Farther
  9. Goodbye, Columbus

20/20 (1984)Edit

George Benson - 20-20
  1. No One Emotion
  2. Please Don't Walk Away
  3. I Just Wanna Hang Around You
  4. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
  5. Beyond The Sea (La Mer)
  6. 20/20
  7. New Day
  8. Hold Me
  9. Stand Up
  10. You Are The Love Of My Life

While The City Sleeps... (1986)Edit

George Benson - While the City Sleeps...
While the City Sleeps...
  1. While The City Sleeps
  2. Kisses In The Moonlight
  3. Shiver
  4. Love Is Here Tonight
  5. Teaser
  6. Secrets In The Night
  7. Too Many Times
  8. Did You Hear Thunder

Twice The Love (1988)Edit

George Benson - Twice The Love
Twice The Love
  1. Twice The Love
  2. Starting All Over
  3. Good Habit
  4. Everybody Does It
  5. Living On Borrowed Love
  6. Let's Do It Again
  7. Stephanie
  8. Tender Love
  9. You're Still My Baby
  10. Until You Believe
  11. Let Go

Tenderly (1989)Edit

George Benson - Tenderly
  1. You Don't Know What Love Is
  2. Stella by Starlight
  3. Stardust
  4. At the Mambo Inn
  5. Here, There and Everywhere
  6. This Is All I Ask
  7. Tenderly
  8. I Could Write a Book

Big Boss Band (1990)Edit

George Benson - Big Boss Band
Big Boss Band
  1. Without a Song
  2. Ready Now That You Are
  3. How Do You Keep the Music Playing
  4. On Green Dolphin Street
  5. Baby Workout
  6. I Only Have Eyes for You
  7. Portrait of Jennie
  8. Walkin' My Baby Back Home
  9. Skylark
  10. Basie's Bag

Love Remembers (1993)Edit

George Benson - Love Remembers
Love Remembers
  1. I'll Be Good To You
  2. Got To Be There
  3. My Heart Is Dancing
  4. Love Of My Life
  5. Kiss And Make Up
  6. Come Into My World
  7. Love Remembers
  8. Willing To Fight
  9. Somewhere Island
  10. Lovin' On Borrowed Time
  11. Lost In Love
  12. Calling You

That's Right (1996)Edit

George Benson - That's Right
That's Right
  1. That's Right
  2. The Thinker
  3. Marvin Said
  4. True Blue
  5. Holdin' On
  6. Song for My Brother
  7. Johnnie Lee
  8. Summer Love
  9. P Park
  10. Footprints in the Sand
  11. When Love Comes Calling (UK/Japanese bonus track)
  12. Where Are You Now (UK/Japanese bonus track)

Standing Together (1998)Edit

George Benson - Standing Together
Standing Together
  1. C-Smooth
  2. Standing Together
  3. All I Know
  4. Cruise Control
  5. Poquito Spanish, Poquito Funk
  6. Still Waters
  7. Fly By Night
  8. Back To Love
  9. Keep Rollin'
  10. You Can Do It, Baby (Bonus track)
  11. Turn It Up (Japanese bonus track)

Absolute Benson (2000)Edit

George Benson - Absolute Benson
Absolute Benson
  1. The Ghetto
  2. El Barrio
  3. Jazzenco
  4. Deeper Than You Think
  5. One on One
  6. Hipping the Hop
  7. Lately
  8. Come Back Baby
  9. Medicine Man

Irreplaceable (2003)Edit

George Benson - Irreplaceable
  1. Six Play
  2. Whole Man
  3. Irreplaceable
  4. Loving Is Better Than Leaving
  5. Strings of Love
  6. Cell Phone
  7. Black Rose
  8. Stairway to Love
  9. Reason for Breathing
  10. Missing You

Songs And Stories (2009)Edit

George Benson - Songs And Stories
Songs And Stories
  1. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  2. Family Reunion
  3. Show Me the Love
  4. A Telephone Call Away
  5. Someday We'll All Be Free
  6. Nuthin' But a Party
  7. Come in from the Cold
  8. Exotica
  9. Rainy Night in Georgia
  10. One Like You
  11. Living in High Definition
  12. Sailing
  13. It Ain't Over (Japanese bonus track)

Guitar Man (2011)Edit

George Benson - Guitar Man
Guitar Man
  1. Tenderly
  2. I Want to Hold Your Hand
  3. My Cherie Amour
  4. Naima
  5. Tequila
  6. Don't Know Why
  7. The Lady in My Life
  8. My One and Only Love
  9. Paper Moon
  10. Danny Boy
  11. Since I Fell for You
  12. Fingerlero
  13. Sophisticated Lady (Best Buy/Japanese bonus track)
  14. Maria (Best Buy bonus track)
  15. Send in the Clowns (Best Buy bonus track)
  16. Somewhere (iTunes bonus track)
  17. People (Japanese bonus track)

Inspiration: A Tribute To Nat King Cole (2013)Edit

George Benson - Inspiration- A Tribute To Nat King Cole
Inspiration: A Tribute To Nat King Cole
  1. Mona Lisa
  2. Just One of Those Things
  3. Unforgettable
  4. Walkin' My Baby
  5. When I Fall in Love
  6. Route 66
  7. Nature Boy
  8. Ballerina
  9. Smile
  10. Straighten Up and Fly Right
  11. Too Young
  12. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
  13. Mona Lisa
  14. That Sunday, That Summer (Best Buy bonus track)
  15. Ramblin' Rose (Best Buy bonus track)
  16. Almost Like Being in Love (Japanese bonus track)
  17. Mona Lisa (Calypso Version) (iTunes bonus track)


Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. 'Long Come Tutu
  2. All I Am
  3. Bring It On Home To Me
  4. Don't Start No Schtuff
  5. Doobie Doobie Blues
  6. Every Time You Go Away
  7. Givin' It Up For Love
  8. Golden Slumbers
  9. Greatest Love Of All
  10. Here, There, And Everywhere
  11. Hold On I'm Coming
  12. Hot Barbecue
  13. Let It Rain
  14. Mornin'
  15. Ordinary People
  16. Seven Days
  17. Summer Breeze
  18. Take You Out
  19. The Long And Winding Road
  20. Juntos

Additional information

Years active:
  • 1963–present
Record labels:

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