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Lizard Lives

This song is by George.

For you I would like to share some words
They're going no place,
But will crash and land any time soon,
On one of your sattelite moons.

Head shaved too close to Saturday
and in the mirror the gin-dogs howl
Until their sound is scatter-maze
and their smiles are a hideous scowl

We're always leading lizard lives,
Trying to catch sunshine by surprise
And turning out with darkened lies
Sparkles that shine from our shaded eyes

You're as thirsty as the ocean
Trying to drink up drops of the sea
But you washed up on the beach
Rich, strawberry-tanned
And out of wave's reach.

From a vine you were untimely picked
Sun spent like a tarnished coin.
Chewing on time 'til you coughed up mud
Hugging it so tight
'cause it seemed to taste like love

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