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In The Forest

This song is by George.

I live in the forest where your heart goes cold
Where your fingers go numb.
You hear noises when you try to sleep
And shadows where you hope lies.
And were you are the predator or the pray
But all that better is survival.

You hope that no one will betray you
But they do.
The voices in your head control you
And your body slows you down.
You want to live but there is no reason to
You have no clue where to draw the line from pleasure or pain.

Only thing you do is just blame your problem on some one else.
Your mind is so disturbed
You think that being famous is a reason to be ignorant.
Cutting yourself is fun to you
Cause the blood flows easy.

Bet everything on black
You figure that you cannot loose.
But guess what when you become a creature
Your humanity goes.

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