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Sex Is a Wonderful Habit

This song is by Georg Kreisler and appears on the EP Midnight Cabaret mit Georg Kreisler - Joker II (1958).

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Everyone knows that life is made of funny things
Most of them graw on you till you get bored -
Food gets annoying
And movies get cloying
Cards get expensive
And drink gets offensive
Swimming exhausts you
And horses will cost you
More than you can afford!
But friends, let me suggest to you a passtime
That keeps its charme the first time and the last time:

Sex is a wonderful habit
Sex ist a sport for a beggar or a king!
Sex is a wonderful habit -
Sex is a wonderful thing!

Sex is a wonderful habit
In summer, in winter, in autumn, in spring!
Sex is a wonderful habit
And a most economical thing!

It costs you very little -
It's most inexpensive a treat
And you can play the middle
And still make both ends meet!

Yes, sex is a wonderful habit -
Sex is a mazing, fantastical stuff!
You may not be a wolf or a rabbit -
But you'll find that you can't get enough!

Yes, sex is so awfully restfull -
When you're tired, there's nothing it lacks
And if it should turn out successful
The government lowers your tax!

Sex is so very convenient
You can enjoy it in country or town
It makes you feel very lenient -
It's the one thing you'll take lying down!

It's so good at the right time
More pleasant than movies or beer!
It may make demands on your nighttime -
But without it, we wouldn't be here!

Yes, sex helps to build up the nation
Sex doesn't care about hours or pay
It teaches co-operation
In a friendly, good-neighborly way
Yes, friendly, good-neighborly
Hya, babe-ly
Mink or sable-ly
House or stable-ly
Couch or table-ly -
In a friendly, good-neighborly way!


Written by:

Georg Kreisler

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