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Alter Ego: Francais St. Luther (2009)Edit

Geoffrey Paris - Alter Ego- Francais St. Luther
Alter Ego- Francais St. Luther
  1. Superstar
  2. DCHF (Disco, Club Kids, Hollywood, Fame)
  3. Bring Down The Club
  4. Sound
  5. Bad Girl
  6. Take Away The Disco Lights
  7. Sound (2007 Remix)
  8. Superstar (Extended Mix)
  9. Take Away The Disco Lights (Edited Mix)
  10. Bring Down The Club (Extended Intro Mix)
  11. I Want Candy Dead

Supafabulust (2009)Edit

Geoffrey Paris - Supafabulust
  1. Scene Kidz (With Intro)
  2. Drugs, Faggots, Hollywood
  3. Supafabulust
  4. I Wanna Meet U
  5. Me + Cock = Happiness
  6. Scene Kidz
  7. Supafabulust Feat. TommyXAngell
  8. I Wanna Meet U (Zaccy Toxiiic Remix)
  9. Supafabulust (Glowstick Fuck Remix)

Money! & What! (2010)Edit

Geoffrey Paris - Money! & What!
Money! & What!

Money! & What! - Funkalicious (2011)Edit

Geoffrey Paris - Money! & What! - Funkalicious
Money! & What! - Funkalicious

Drop Dead Gorgeous (2011)Edit

Geoffrey Paris - Drop Dead Gorgeous
Drop Dead Gorgeous
  1. Drop Dead Gorgeous (featuring Julissa Veloz)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Drugsfaggotshollywood
  2. Robot Rain (Instrumental)
  3. Scene Kidz (Carmen Rizzo Mix)
  4. Sex Shooter

Additional information

Band members:
  • Geoffrey Paris
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