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The Part Of You

This song is by Geoff Moore and appears on the album Foundations (1989) and on the compilation album The Early Years (1996).

Here I am again made to play the fool by the old man
Too many should have beens. If I could only do it over and over
Sometimes in my heart of hearts
I wonder where is the good in me
The way I cling to my humanity
Oh, help me to se&101

It's the part of You in me, it's all I ever need
Is the heart of You in me
Jesus take this selfish heart away
With all that I don't need
And leave the heart of You in me
Only the part of You

Here I stand again with a heart that's ready to be broken
I'm such a fallen man who wants the part of You to be all, all
That I am
Deep down in my heart of hearts
My only prayer will be
That this man of pride is emptied
Until there's room for only...

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