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A Friend Like U

This song is by Geoff Moore and appears on the album A Friend Like U (1992).

(Verse 1)
The Lone Ranger in Tonto
Laurel and Hardy
Batman and Robin
It was Snoopy and Charlie
Friends through thick and thin
Friends to the very end
I think you would agree
That's how it is for You and me

I want to know I need You
I want you to know it's true
That there's no way
I could have made it without You
It's so good to know that
I've got a friend like You

(Verse 2)
I tell you it's black
But you see it white
You say go left
But I know it's right
No matter where we go
Be it through the highs or lows
I will be by Your side
Cause You and I are friends for life

(Repeat Chorus)

Through all of the laughter and tears
Through all the questions and fears
Through all of the winning and losing and trying
I will be by Your side
Cause You and I are friends for life

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