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This song is by Geoff Baker and appears on the album Adding Up the Everything We Lost (2008).

The midnight summer sky just started crying like a child
And I'm not superstitious, but the rain don't ever take my side
You wore sun from yesterday like blush upon your face
The love we had was just so vast we staggered under the weight
And I said, Won't be long before I'm back again
Tapping at your window like the rain

I woke up with the blues around me like a noose
And I knew I'd have to walk in my own shoes
And there's fresh holes in my back from where they took away my wings
The minute I opened my mouth and started to sing
And thoughts of you get running long and deep
And bully me right up and out of sleep

The day I got my things from your daddy's place in Freehold
I threw cobwebs along the walk to your front door
I'd never seen your old man look so old
Like someone took his air and left him standing there
You were somewhere else and naming shadows
And watching light throw shapes on open windows

And I know when you come back if you come back you'll want some time
To call the hard days out and name them line by line
To shove our soft nights back away and wait for them to call
Maybe when the trees are gold and shouldering the fall
And waiting, bated breath, for how to be
Where everything's stuck in a minor key

I woke up with the blues inside me dancing ones and twos
And the air was shimmering spirits trying to break in their new shoes
Around the hole inside me while I wait for whatever winter brings
Longer nights and shorter days and air so cold it sings

And trees that bristle, crystal under frost
And adding up the everything we lost

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