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Patriot Acts (2004)Edit

Geoff Baker - Patriot Acts

Patriot Acts

  1. The Ballad of Adnan Khashoggi
  2. American Flags on Foreign Cars
  3. Nobody Suffers But Us
  4. Shepherd
  5. What Our Children Is Learning

Know the Rain Here (2004)Edit

Geoff Baker - Know the Rain Here

Know the Rain Here

  1. Karma
  2. Jackhammer
  3. A Slap in the Face
  4. Dublin 1
  5. Under the Oak Tree, Behind the Stone Wall
  6. Black and Blues
  7. Just Like 'Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues'
  8. Locket
  9. Six-String Whispers
  10. Two Wrongs
  11. Curtain Call
  12. How I Remember You Now

Adding Up the Everything We Lost (2008)Edit

Geoff Baker - Adding up the Everything We Lost

Adding Up the Everything We Lost

  1. Indiana
  2. Hope Is Not a Compass, It's a Cloud
  3. Gaslight (Oh Tomorrow)
  4. None of This Is Real
  5. Dolorosa

Where Are You Now? (2011)Edit

Geoff Baker - Where Are You Now-

Where Are You Now?

  1. One Step Further Than You Have Ever Dared to Go
  2. Light as a Feather
  3. Where Are You Now?
  4. On Barbwire Fences In Kansas (featuring Bruce Kaphan)
  5. Cali Before It's Gone
  6. Girl From Kinnelon
  7. Not to Worry (Even Jesus)
  8. The Middle of Nebraska
  9. All the Same
  10. In the First Week of April
  11. Continental Drift
  12. When I Was Young I Never Wanted the Sun

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