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Mount Zion

This song is by Gentleman and appears on the album Another Intensity (2007).

Mount zion
Take me to a place
Where there is love and happiness
Mount zion is my home got to find the higher zone
Never will I be a rollin' stone
I know there is a place
That embrace the human race
And it nuh matter who you are you'll be shining like a star
As long as there will be no more war

Police and badman dem ina permanent war
And from me see how dem s move dem nuh go far
Dem a fighting one another just to be the star
Every man a claim seh dem a the biggest gungar
So me hafi ask the question what dem fighting for
How good the ting coult be if all a we could spar
No more dead bodies laying out on the tar
How dem act so bizarre

I'm praying unto jah for dem to wake up
And purge out dem dutty ways to take up
Dem sin a pile up on dem and it a cake up
Babylon your world ago get shake up
Fi all a the innocont heart that you break up
And the story that you formulate and make up
Wicked man your whole house ago get rake up
A better place jah ago take us

If a no now well then a when
A whappen to dem
We have fi follow on the path that jah recommend
And it is up to you and me fi gwaan set the trend
None a dem caan stop the message we a send
'Cause we see seh in dis world a peer make believe
Brainwash education is fake believe
Babylon a try dem best to make us grieve
That's why really wanna leave

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