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This song is by Gentleman and appears on the album Another Intensity (2007).


Chant chorus:
I'm looking for a likkle self time!
Looking for a big peace of mind!
I'm looking for a likkle self time!

Hosanna woy!
World is in trouble
Captured by the creatures of the night.
Hosanna woy!
Mercy pon the devil
Flesh is eaten by the dutty parasites.

In sticky situations you will find out yourself
Decisions will be wrong or right.
And everyday you keep reminding yourself
Got to be a shining light.
So many things that a lead man astray
Far from the truths and rights.
Life is to live, so why you takin' mine away?
Ideology that's out of sight.

And we no like none a dem sample!(No, no, no!)
All over we dem still a trample!(Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
Give us another example,
And a reason to go on!
We hear the masses dem a grumble,
Long time Babylon your kingdom fi go stumble!
Fighting in JAH army never soft but always humble,
And we determined to go on!

Chant chorus:

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