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Dem Gone

This song is by Gentleman and appears on the album Journey to Jah (2002) and on the album Live (2003).

Jah Jah is real! Jah Jah is real!

Dem gone. so far away
Dem gone. the whole a dem ago regret it one day

Every day you get up and you wish to have a meal
now you get a cut and you wish to have it heal
and still you can not accept that Jah Jah is real
Tell me Mr. Man say whats the deal
You say you have everything sign and seel
Thought you won the case but nox you a appeal
You are the one who couldnt hear now you the one to feel
evidently clear we choppindown your shield
Dem aint going nowhere no time soon
Dem corrupt the east and now dem turn it to the moon
Plant ina your garden and wish that it will bloom
but still youre singing satan tunes


Mother earth was meant for man and woman to stay
me find out nuff a dem drifting away
Children can't even find a place fi play
birds can't find no seeds, horses no hay
I see the weavers weaving but dem income delay
still me see dem searching for a brighter day
and now me come fi give it to you right away
Do you hear what I say


Give me the mic deh for a moment make me talk to dem
and watch the eden dem a scatter when we walk to dem
and if you know you are not guilty stand up and dont you run
to all my foes and friends
You may live to see today but you nuh know the end
Just read the writings on the wall its a message we send
And Babylon will never live to stop the rising of Jah son


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