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Cuckoo Cocoon

This song is by Genesis and appears on the double album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974) and on the box set Archive 1967-75 (1998).

Rael regains consciousness in some musky half-light. He is warmly wrapped in some sort of cocoon. The only sound he can hear is dripping water which appears to be the source of a pale flickering light. He guesses he must be in some sort of cave - or kooky tomb, or catacomb, or eggshell waiting to drop from the bone of the womb.

Wrapped up in some powdered wool - I guess I'm losing touch
Don't tell me this is dying, 'cause I ain't changed that much
The only sound is water drops, I wonder where the hell I am,
Some kind of jam?
Cuckoo Cocoon have I come to, too soon for you?

There's nothing I can recognise
This is nowhere that I've known
With no sign of life at all
I guess that I'm alone
And I feel so secure
That I know this can't be real
But I feel good
Cuckoo cocoon
Have I come to, too soon for you?

I wonder if I'm a prisoner
Locked in some Brooklyn jail
Or some sort of Jonah
Shut up inside the whale
No, I'm still Rael
And I'm stuck in some kind of cave
What could've saved me?
Cuckoo cocoon
Have I come to, too soon for you?

Resigning himself to the unknown he drifts off into sleep.

Written by:

Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford

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